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PostgreSQL backend environment for activipy
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Mark Hayden (local) c403e1134f9f
3 years ago


An activipy environment to use PostgreSQL as the data store for ActivityStream objects.

The activipy module enables the use of ActivityStreams in your applications and includes the support of different "environments" to extend functionality.

This package provides a "pgsql" environment that maps storage methods to PostgreSQL queries using psycopg2. Object data is stored using the jsonb data type to simplify the schema and provide maximum performance.

Example Code

Open a database:

>>> from activipy import core, vocab
>>> from activipy.pgsql import pgsql
>>> db =
... host="<db_server>", dbname="<db_name>",
... user="<db_user>", password="<db_user_pass>")
>>> env = pgsql.PgSQLNormalizedEnv

Create a new record and save to database:

>>> post_this = core.ASObj({
...     "@type": "Create",
...     "@id": "",
...     "actor": {
...         "@type": "Person",
...         "@id": "",
...         "displayName": "Jessica Tallon"},
...     "to": ["",
...            "",
...            "acct:ladyaeva@hedgehog.example"],
...     "object": {
...         "@type": "Note",
...         "@id": "",
...         "content": "Up for some root beer floats?"}},
... pgsql.PgSQLNormalizedEnv)
{'@type': 'Create',
 '@id': '',
 'actor': '',
 'to': ['',
 'object': ''}

Note how in this example the record has been normalized. In this environment the actor and object are created in separate records and made into references in the parent record. To retrieve the original denormalized form:

>>> normalized_post = pgsql.pgsql_fetch(
... "", db, env)
>>> normalized_post.m.denormalize(db)
<ASObj Create "">
>>> normalized_post.m.denormalize(db).json()
{'to': ['',
 '@id': '',
 '@type': 'Create',
 'actor': {'@id': '',
           '@type': 'Person',
           'displayName': 'Jessica Tallon'},
 'object': {'@id':
            '@type': 'Note',
            'content': 'Up for some root beer floats?}}